Snow Day

For a few years now we’ve spent Thanksgiving camping in our local mountains – it’s a tradition that we love so much! Cooking a turkey over the campfire and just relaxing and breathing in crisp, fresh air. We missed the year Colt was born (since he was only about a week old!) and we really wanted to this year but there was snow forecasted for our local mountains. Not an ideal combination for tent campers with two babies! So we passed and spent Thanksgiving at my wonderful mother-in-law’s home and drove up to the Laguna Mountains the day after Thanksgiving. Sure enough, we found snow! Colt is still not really a big fan, especially after dad accidentally nailed him in the face with a snowball. Lol! We enjoyed the stunning drive through the mountains dusted with snow; it’s always refreshing and inspiring to observe the beauty of nature.

Images photographed with a Nikon F100 on Kodak Portra 400 film.

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