Six Months with Boone

I guess I’d better get Boone’s 6-month blog post up before he turns 7 months old next week… you could say it’s been a busy month!! I am just wrapping up everyone’s sessions for 2015! I have a newborn “client” due any day now and will start shooting weddings again in January. My two little guys have kept my hands full on the homefront. Boone is crawling now! Just when I thought we had our new routine down… everything’s about to get real busy again! He is bonking his head into furniture, chewing on wrapping paper, eating pine needles off of the floor… haha. We also started him on some solid foods (based on the Super Nutrition for Babies book again – love this book!). He likes sweet potato, carrots, soft-boiled egg yolk and chicken stock… and does not like avocado. What California baby doesn’t like avocado?! Anyway, this post doesn’t come with a lot of photos because – I confess – I am getting worse and worse at documenting our home life! It will be on my to-do list for weeks at a time (literally – Colt turned two over a month ago and I have yet to do his 2-yr photos). Looking forward to a little slower season in the new year and some more time for shooting personal projects. :)